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Maker Projects® is what compels makers to learn, design and create! We're all about electronics projects here at Core Electronics and have made it as easy as possible for other makers to share their projects with us and the broader community. Every project listed here was built by our community of electronics enthusiasts and include desk gadgets, practical solutions for around the home, or widgets built for no other reason than "just because” (often the most fun kind of project!)

Share your project today and get rewarded with a minimum $50 store credit. Yep, you read right!

FYI, the projects module is brand new, even more reason to get involved and share your project as we'd love to see a wall of great builds below!

"Maker Projects" is a registered trademark by Core Electronics.

  • This is the third project I've put up using the Makey Makey, and it's incredible fun, but it's also the simplest. Today I'm going to show you how to make a simple Skill Tester game complete with sound effects using a Makey Makey board and some easy to find materials.
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  • After seeing how much fun people had using the Makey Makey as a gaming controller for our RetroPie setup, I decided that more fun, simple projects that can be made using household materials were in order. So today I present to you the piano that anyone can draw. That's right, we're going to draw a piano with nothing more than a standard graphite (lead) pencil.
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  • In preparation for some Maker Faire's we were heading to last year, I wanted to combine the awesomeness of the Makey Makey platform, with the fun that is RetroPie. For those who don't know the Makey Makey, it's a fantastic platform that allows you to connect the pin of an Atmega32u4 microcontroller up to the world around you. Fruit, vegetables, people, graphite, play dough, anything as long as it's somewhat conductive. It then ou
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