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AWS Lambda with Temperature data and the ESP32

In this project, I'm using an esp32 board combined with a thermistor, plus an Amazon Web Services Lambda API plus some web chart...

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Sound Effects Button

The idea for this project came when a friend of mine flew over from Western Australia to visit, and during his stopover in Adelaide, he did what any adult would do; visit the airport novelty store and buy some random stuff. It was pretty much all junk, except for this big green dome button which pla...

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Fruit and Veggie Gaming Controller

In preparation for some Maker Faire's we were heading to last year, I wanted to combine the awesomeness of the Makey Makey platform, with the fun that is RetroPie. For those who don't know the Makey Makey, it's a fantastic platform that allows you to connect the pin of an Atmega32u4 microcontroller ...

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