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Handheld Retropie

Once you go down the retro gaming rabbit hole, that's it, you're not getting out without putting together your own gaming console. It all began with my hacked PSP, which I was running emulators on. Then I wanted to run them on my big screen. Unfortunately I have the first gen PSP that was sold in Au...

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DIY Gameboy based on Raspberry Pi Zero W (PiGRRL)

We made a Pi Zero W retro-games console! The nostalgia is making me dizzy! If you'd like to build your own, we've put together a couple of wishlists to make things easier:

Fruit and Veggie Gaming Controller

In preparation for some Maker Faire's we were heading to last year, I wanted to combine the awesomeness of the Makey Makey platform, with the fun that is RetroPie. For those who don't know the Makey Makey, it's a fantastic platform that allows you to connect the pin of an Atmega32u4 microcontroller ...

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